17. Stefan Nuesperling


MovingIMAGE24 GmbH
Business Development Manager Japan


◆Line of business
MovingIMAGE24 provides customized cloud based video streaming and management solutions to businesses of all industries.  With the software-as-a-service tool VideoManager, which is being specialized for individual company needs, videos can be easily managed, integrated into websites and streamed from all end devices through a web browser.
◆Intentions in Japan
MovingIMAGE24 plans to internationalize its business towards Japan. Therefore, the main objective is to obtain a fundamental understanding of the opportunities and risks to plan the market entry into Japan together with a Japanese partner company.  Furthermore, I want to improve the proficiency of my Japanese and my goal is to be able to communicate with Japanese clients as well as in daily live fluently.
◆Summary of work experience
Since 2012/09      : Business Development Manager Japan, MovingIMAGE24 GmbH, Tokyo and Berlin
2010/04 – 2012/08: Director Asia, eye square GmbH, Tokyo/Japan
2008/10 – 2010/03: Senior Research Consultant, Japan Market Intelligence K.K., Tokyo/Japan
2007/08 – 2008/09: IT Project Manager and Research Consultant, eye square GmbH, Berlin/Germany
10/2006 – 03/2007: Consultant, Mitsue-Links K.K., Tokyo/Japan
◆Skills / Qualifications
IT Project Management, Business Development, User Experience Research, Professional Scrum Master (PSMI), Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 3 (N4).

About your Internship

◆Desired industry
IT System Integrator, Software-as-a-Service company, CMS or DAM manufacturer.
◆Objective / Desired job type
IT Project Manager, Business Development Manager, International Relations Manager.
As a diligent person I run IT projects of any scale with great passion. My sense for business opportunities makes me a very good networking person for the development of international business, especially between Japan and Germany.
I have achieved several projects in the past:
- Driving the development of the VideoManager software forward at MovingIMAGE24
- Building client and partner relationships in Japan which are sustainable to the current day
- Strategic planning and organization of the market entry to Japan and Korea for eye square which increased international sales revenue

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