21. Marta Raposo


Communications Manager
Aerospace, Defense, Security and Transportation


◆Line of business
Avionics, Space, Secure Communications and Information and Systems, Defence Mission Systems, Ground Transportation Systems, Land and Air Systems.
◆Intentions in Japan
To be an active and recognized partner for the development and maintenance of infrastructures in Japan and to cooperate with Japanese companies in the export market.
◆Summary of work experience
In my current role at Thales, as Communications Manager, I am responsible for the communications plan, implementation and definition of the communications strategy and annual budget.
I have a track record in marketing and communications in both the product and corporate arena. Here are a few highlights:
- Managing C-level relations;
- Developing marketing and sales documentation supporting commercial and business development objectives;
- Leading employee engagement events and initiatives;
- Developing corporate and product images;
- Managing relations and actions with press agencies.
◆Skills / Qualifications
Multi-task person who is dynamic. Ability to run projects in a fast moving environment at a global level.

About your Internship

◆Desired industry
Transportation or defence, consultancy.
◆Objective / Desired job type
- Gain an understanding of Japanese business culture and get local experience;
- Acquire practical knowledge to successfully expand business in the Japanese market. Gain an understanding of the Asian market and Japan’s position within.
My work in Marketing and Communications reflects my motivation to try to help and make a difference in people’s life, in business and in various markets.
I had the opportunity to enrich my educational background and develop my business skills by working not only in Portugal but also in Barcelona, England and Singapore.

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