5. John Camilleri


Senior Executive


◆Line of business
Language tourism
◆Intentions in Japan
To establish new corporate ties and build on our organisation’s existing contacts inJapan. On a personal basis I hope to gain a greater understanding of the social and cultural background which I believe is the basis for building a working relationship built on trust and mutual understanding.  Through the Executive Training Programme we hope to gain a better understanding of this market allowing us to exploit its potential, helping to build long-term relationships and lead the industry in this market.
◆Summary of work experience
Numerous distinct roles in senior management, encompassing business development, sales and marketing, and operations management. This has extended over various business sectors, and has given me the opportunity to evolve my roles.
◆Skills / Qualifications
B.A. (Hons) International Relations with Near Eastern Studies

About your Internship

◆Desired industry
Marketing / International Trade
◆Objective / Desired job type
To gain practical and applicable skills relevant to the Japanese and European market, whilst working within my existing knowledgebase and applying my skillset.
I have enjoyed an international upbringing, having spent my formativeyears between Malta and the UK. Following my graduation in International Relations, I have enjoyed a varied career in diverse roles. The opportunities granted to me have given me a wide ranging skillset which I apply to the fullest in everything that I do.

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