3. Chrsitian Batt

Christian BATT

Sequans Communications
Senior Software Engineer


◆Line of business
4G/LTE modem chipsets for wireless telecommunications
◆Intentions in Japan
Provide 4G/LTE modem chipsets to wireless device vendors operating in Japan
◆Summary of work experience
2008 : Sequans Communications (Paris, France), Field Application Engineer and Software Integration Engineer
2007 : BT Global Services (Paris, France), Software Development and Architecture Engineer
2004 : Sagem Safran (Paris, France), Software Development Engineer
2001 : SONY NSCE (Brussels, Belgium), Software Development and Test Engineer
1999 : Alcatel (Strasbourg, France), Software Development and Architecture Engineer
◆Skills / Qualifications
- Designing, developing and testing embedded software for consumer electronic products and telecommunication devices
- Providing customer support and training, performing interoperability tests at customer premises and on the field (carrier network)

About your Internship

◆Desired industry
◆Objective / Desired job type
Performing an internship in the R&D sector of an LTE operator or LTE device vendor
I am a senior software engineer with experience in Japan, providing technical support and training to customers. I hope that the internship will help me to dramatically improve my skills to communicate in the Japanese language and better understand how a Japanese company works.

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