The Programme at Waseda

1. Japanese Language Component

The Japanese Language Component provides courses tailored to participants’ proficiency levels with emphasis placed on language that participants can actually use and taking full advantage of the study environment in Japan. The goal is for participants to acquire practical communication skills that will help them navigate both everyday and business situations in Japanese.

Regular classes on grammar, expressions and vocabulary are combined with business-related exercises such as group interviews with Japanese executives and presentations conducted by participants on their own areas of expertise. A wide range of additional resources and opportunities outside the classroom facilitate effective language acquisition. After 30 weeks (approximately 450 hours) of language studies, optional tutorial sessions are offered during the internship period to further advance the participant’s ability to communicate with their host companies. Japanese ability is evaluated at the end of the programme through final exams and a presentation.

2. Business and Management Component

The Business and Management Component, which is delivered entirely in English, emphasises both a systematic academic framework and the acquisition of practical knowledge that can produce immediate results. ETP participants will study subjects such as global business theories, Japanese-style business administration and consumer behaviour through numerous case studies. Courses are comprised of interactive lectures, workshops, company visits and cross-cultural sessions, through which participants will also experience aspects of Japanese business culture that are vital for doing business in Japan. A total of 13 core and elective courses are offered, each comprised of 8-12 lectures.

[Course Titles]

Core :
Management and Business Culture in Japan; Japanese Organisation and Human Resource Management; Japan’s Economy and Government Policies; Global Strategy and Japan Entry Strategy; Japanese Marketing and Buyer Behaviour, Design Your Business in Japan
Elective :
Production System of Japanese Companies; Financial Systems in Japan; Financial Accounting System in Japan; Corporate Law and Contractual Practices in Japan; Distribution Systems in Japan; Business Plan, Study and Explore Business Models with Field Research

Activities such as business forums with EU and Japanese executives, joint sessions with Japanese businesspeople, and regional business trips are also organised as part of the component. The course culminates in a business plan for the Japanese market, which each participant develops by drawing on the knowledge and insights they have gained over the entire duration of ETP.

3. Internship

From 3 August to 23 October 2015, each ETP participant will engage in a 12-week internship at a Japanese company, which they will organise and secure on their own with the support of the European Union and Waseda University. The internship provides a unique opportunity for participants to apply the acquired skills and knowledge to practice and learn first-hand about business in Japan. The internship is not only a chance for participants to build and establish contacts with Japanese companies, but Japanese companies will also find that hosting these internships will serve as a stepping stone to establishing meaningful relationships with EU companies and businesspeople.