Hosting an Intern

The EU Executive Training Programme (ETP) is a human resource development programme funded by the EU and currently operated in Japan by Waseda University. The programme provides training for EU businesspeople looking to enter or expand their business activities in Japan, and is comprised of (1) Japanese language training, (2) lectures on Japanese-style management and business practices, and (3) an internship in a Japanese corporation.

The internship, a key component of the programme, offers ETP participants the opportunity not only to apply their newly acquired Japanese language skills and business knowledge, but also to experience Japanese corporate culture and business practices first-hand.

Waseda is looking for corporations that are interested in accepting ETP participants as interns and would greatly appreciate your support.

Internship period for this cycle (ETP30): August 3, 2015 – October 23, 2015

[Details of the internship]
Whilst there are no particular restrictions imposed on the intern’s job description during the internship, the details and conditions of the internship, such as tasks, projects, internship location, work hours, supervisor, etc. should be determined before the start of the internship upon consultation between the intern and host company. There is no prescribed format when signing an agreement. Templates are available from the ETP Secretariat.

The internship is conducted strictly as part of the training for the ETP, and therefore does not involve compensation for work performed during the internship period. As a general rule, the cost of daily commuting and meals should also be borne by the intern.

However, the performance of tasks that do involve expenses (e.g. transportation for outings and business trips) and the payment of such expenses should be discussed beforehand and settled through consultation between both parties.

[Language environment during the internship]
One of the main objectives of the internship is to practice the language skills acquired at Waseda and apply them in a real business environment for further advancement. Although many interns are beginners and are still limited in their ability to use Japanese in business, we would appreciate your support in using as much Japanese as possible during the internship, including in daily communication.
[Additional information]
For further details, please contact the Waseda University ETP Secretariat at