Feedback from Companies

Thanks to the programme, we not only had the opportunity to work with a foreign staff, but we also gained many valuable ideas that the intern had acquired through his business experience and career.
Industry: Service  / Department: Mail-order business
The intern was highly motivated to learn about Japanese culture and our company’s technology and business. Working with him was an extremely valuable experience for our staff as well. We were impressed by the intern’s enthusiasm for sharing his IT expertise and contributing to our business. He inspired us to think about the possibility of developing business alliances between Japan and Europe. We would welcome a similar opportunity again next year.
Industry: Information & communication / Department: Global business development
The materials compiled by the intern provided new perspectives and were very useful to us. The presentation he gave in Japanese on his final day was well delivered and was stimulating for all members in our department.
Industry: Manufacturing / Department: Sales
Because the intern was a businessperson with extensive work experience, our staff had a lot to learn from the interns as well, making the internship very meaningful. Unlike student interns who are generally passive, the intern was an active member of our team, and this helped to facilitate open communication.
Industry: Information & communication / Department: Global business development
This internship was extremely beneficial for our company. Not only did we gain new insights from the intern, it was extremely stimulating for the company’s globalisation efforts.
Industry: Manufacturing / Department: Global business
We are currently trying to expand the ratio of our overseas sales. To achieve this, globalization is essential. The internship gave us a good chance to appreciate and accept different values.
Industry: Special materials / Department: Management
The ETP participant who joined our company was an excellent and highly talented intern who contributed greatly to our research on global privacy policy trends and presenting arguments that were effective in developing our company’s position.
Industry: Manufacturing / Department: External relations