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Collaboration with Other Leadership Programmes

Waseda University offers a number of executive programmes geared toward businesspeople from Japanese corporations. One such offering is the WASEDA Next Generation Leadership Program (WNLP) which targets candidates from leading Japanese firms who are slated for global leadership positions within their firms in the coming generation. Through joint sessions, called “Multicultural Sessions,” ETP participants engage in exchanges with WNLP participants.

These joint sessions are conducted in English as part of the Business and Management Component. Approximately five full-day sessions are held in total.

Through these “Multicultural Sessions,” ETP participants have the opportunity to learn about Japanese corporate culture and business practices, while also gaining an understanding of and a feel for how Japanese businesspeople in the front lines approach their duties. At the end of the ETP, participants deliver a business presentation in Japanese in front of the WNLP participants and field questions from them.

At the same time, there are also benefits for the WNLP participants. In recent years, many Japanese corporations have made serious efforts to globalise, and as such are working to cultivate global human resources necessary to achieve this objective. Generally speaking, corporations offer study programmes at overseas business schools for durations ranging from six months to two years, but the WNLP at Waseda University enables Japanese businesspeople to interact with ETP participants who hold key positions at EU corporations without having to leave Japan. At the end of the Programme, WNLP participants give presentations in English and field questions from ETP participants.

This helps to further foster exchanges between ETP and WNLP participants.

Schedule for Joint Sessions (example)

Schedule for Joint Sessions (example)